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How Are Potholes Repaired?

The question of how potholes are repaired is probably not going to pop up on one of those cable TV specials anytime soon. It’s not exactly the kind of topic that fascinates people. But when you’re driving on a road… Continue Reading →

What are the Benefits of Seal Coating?

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have no desire to go back to apartment living, and you enjoy the autonomy and independence that comes with having your very own house — but there are moments when it seems like… Continue Reading →

How Does the Cold Affect Asphalt?

Even if you have a very short driveway or no driveway at all, you are familiar with the smooth feeling of asphalt beneath the wheels of the car as soon as you drive—smooth, that is, until you run over a… Continue Reading →

Do the Changing Seasons Cause Problems for Asphalt Surfaces?

Seasonal changes can bring challenges to every part of your property. From wear and tear to your roof, or damage to your outdoor deck, it takes work to maintain the exterior of your home. Your driveway is no exception to… Continue Reading →

How Potholes are Actually Repaired

Potholes probably top people who don’t use their turn signal in the list of biggest driving annoyances. The appear out of nowhere, and once a pothole turns up on your morning commute, it seems almost inevitable that you will hit… Continue Reading →

3 Common Pavement Problems and Solutions

Cracked pavement is a fact of life. We see it everywhere we go in daily life, from driving on the interstate to walking on a pedestrian path — or even pulling up on our own driveway. What most people don’t… Continue Reading →

What is the Sub-Base Layer in Pavement?

When you use the streets, sidewalks and driveways in your city or town each day, do you think about what lies beneath the actual surface of the pavement? Probably not. Many people have the misconception that pavement is simply a… Continue Reading →

How to Tell if Your Pavement Company is Cutting Edge

You probably don’t think too much about the pavement you’re driving on, or walking on, or riding on, unless the quality is either very good or very poor. But there is a lot of poor quality pavement out there, and… Continue Reading →

Can Potholes Be Repaired in Asphalt Surfaces?

Potholes are not only uncomfortable to drive on; they’re also bad for your car and will decrease the value of your home if you have them in your driveway. For businesses, potholes in the parking lot do not give the… Continue Reading →

5 Common Blunders Made By Pavement Specialists

When people drive past your home or business, you want them to see a nicely paved driveway and walkway leading up to it. A clean driveway is worth a lot. It adds to the appearance of buildings, and improves the… Continue Reading →

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