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Catch Basin Repair: What You Need to Know

It would be nice of nothing ever went wrong with your parking lot. As a business owner, you have enough to worry about already. It’s frustrating to think you could be saddled with unexpected repair costs due to problems in… Continue Reading →

4 Amazing Facts about Concrete

Concrete is a vital part of modern civilization – there’s just no getting around it. There have been countless technological advancements in recent years, but concrete remains as important as ever. If you want a construction that’s going to be… Continue Reading →

Is it Possible to Change the Color of Pavement?

Homeowners love changing the appearance of their homes, or at least improving the appearance. Keeping up the yard, painting the fences and the house, investing in new siding, installing new windows or entryways – these are all common projects, and… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Use Brick Pavers on Your Property

Part of the joy of being a homeowner is being able to express yourself and your tastes through the various aesthetic decisions and choices you make throughout the home. This is true for little things like lamps, chairs, wall hangings… Continue Reading →

How Freezing Temperatures Affect Your Driveway

There are places in the United States where most people really can’t conceive of freezing cold temperatures. And that doesn’t just mean temperatures that are below freezing. In the Northeast, or parts the Midwest, the wind chills can fall to… Continue Reading →

What Is Industrial Paving?

If you’ve been researching contractors for a residential paving project (such as a driveway or walkway), you might have come across some terminology that you don’t recognize. Most people know about asphalt and concrete, and even parking lot striping –… Continue Reading →

Is Asphalt Environmentally Friendly?

One of the great things about all the information floating around out there is that certain messages eventually do get through to a lot of people. The importance of protecting the environment, for example. People may disagree on exactly what… Continue Reading →

Should I Have My Walkways Repaired?

Being a homeowner is a wonderful dream to have – but when you finally realize that dream, you’re faced with all sorts of decisions you never even thought about. There’s really no way to know what it’s like to be… Continue Reading →

How Does Tar & Chip Paving Work?

Have you heard of tar and chip paving? You probably have — but even if not, you’ve definitely seen tar and chip paving at some point. It’s fairly common out in the world, though not nearly as common as standard… Continue Reading →

3 Common Mistakes in DIY Concrete Work

Concrete is a truly amazing and versatile material. It is used in so many applications throughout the world — particularly in construction and engineering — that it’s hard to imagine life without it. From culverts and sewers to skyscrapers and… Continue Reading →

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