When it comes to asphalt milling, we are able to provide services throughout the region to suit any size project.

Asphalt milling is one of the most common types of asphalt reconstruction, and is often used on highways. You will see it as spotted vertical grooves on a highway before new asphalt is laid. A machine will scrape the top asphalt layer off, and set it to the correct depth. The scraped asphalt will be transferred by a conveyor belt and deposited into dump trucks. The millings are removed, and recycled. The remaining surface, meanwhile, will be swept to remove loose debris and is ready for the new asphalt to be laid.

This is a process we can do for you, from start til finish.

Benefits of Milling

Cost effective.
You’ll save money by milling as it’s one of the most cost effect ways to pave.
Environmentally friendly.
Since the debris is recycled to make asphalt, this is an eco-friendly way to proceed. Although, it isn’t as environmentally friendly as pulverizing.
Time efficient.
When it comes to asphalt reconstruction, milling is the fastest solution (aside from resurfacing).

Many of the benefits to milling are shared with the likes of pulverizing or reclaiming. There is just one downside, milling is effective when the failures in your asphalt are minimal. It’s only the top two inches of asphalt that are being scraped away, so it isn’t correct sub-base issues. If your parking lot of asphalt spot is in pretty good shape, then there’s a good chance that your sub-base is in good shape, too.

When the milling process is the right solution for an area, the depth to which the milling will take place will be predetermined before work begins. The general rule of thumb is two inches, but it may be dependent on your asphalt and project.

We have the correct equipment to handle milling projects, and the typical applications for it include: milling asphalt overlays, depth removal down to the asphalt base, correcting drainage issues in existing pavement, removing asphalt ahead of pulverization, full width milling for a full overlay.

There may be cases where it is necessary to remove asphalt right down to the base in order to carry out repairs or excavation. In cases such as this, the milling machine will work much quicker than using the conventional excavation equipment, which will result in cost savings for you. We can also remove existing sub-base and base materials using the milling machine. Milling machines come in a variety of sizes, which means that no matter what size your project, we have the equipment to take care of the job.

We always use the highest quality equipment, materials, and techniques, no matter how big or small your job is. We are fully dedicated to each and every one of our clients and are committed to producing high quality work, whether you need a small crack repaired, or you need a full parking lot resurface.

Are you in need of asphalt milling, or some of the other asphalt services that we have on offer? Contact us to discuss the needs of your project, we are happy to offer advice on which solution may be best for your situation, and we can arrange an estimate, too.