The need to fix and patch asphalt is a common one, regardless of where you live. There are a wide variety of asphalt failures, from potholes to rutting and cracking. Potholes start to form when water has been allowed to seep through to under the pavement, affected the sub-base and causing cracking. Water loosens the material of the sub-base and creates havoc when couples with the weight of cars passing over it. Asphalt can sink into the void that water has created, thus resulting in nasty potholes.

The best way to ensure your asphalt remains intact and durable is by carrying out regular maintenance. It’s durable and cost effective, but if you want to get the best out of it, you should properly maintain it. It’s simple, carry out routine inspections and when you come across any issues, call the professionals to come in and handle their repair immediately, before they are allowed to get out of control.

Repair & Patching

When it comes to cracking, this can also be the result of water, but it can also be because of high temperatures, or chemical spills. Straight cracks that are less than an inch wide can be easily crack sealed. When it comes to spider web cracking, it’s a different process. This also applies to alligator cracking and cracks that look like shattered glass. None of these issues can be sealed, they require cutting out and patching.

The affected area will be sawed and removed, the area will then be excavated to allow for repairs to be made to the sub-base. Once this has been done the area can have new pavement repaired as a patch. Once the path has been done, the edges should be sealed so that it can bond with the existing asphalt to prevent further damage. Patching is a fairly common repair to carry out for potholes.

Infrared Repair

This isn’t the only option, however, there is another way. Infrared asphalt repair is also growing in popularity. The asphalt is heated to a workable temperature and fresh material is added to the existing spot before being regraded and compacted. This solution is highly effective when dealing with critical repairs. It’s the ideal solution when dealing with high traffic areas or rough surfaces.

The rays allow for deep penetration repairs without burning, separating, or scaled the existing asphalt. It is also a cost saving method, as there are fewer materials required, and it takes less time. Additionally, there is less interruption to the area as once it has been patched, it can be driven over almost immediately.

Asphalt Facts

As soon as asphalt cools, its aging process starts. It has many enemies, including water, sun, extremely cold weather, extremely hot weather, salt, gas, and oil. For this reason, it is vital that you have your asphalt seal coated. This offers protection against the elements, and increases its aesthetic appearance, too.

No matter what size a repair job you have on your hands, we can handle any patches your asphalt requires. Every job is important to our team and we are just as committed to rectifying damages to the asphalt as we are to full repaves. We offer asphalt crack filling and patching services in the local area. Do you have a similar job that needs to be tackled? Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange an estimate.