Would you like to add a basketball court on your property right here in New Jersey? Whether its a public or private basketball court being paved, you are not alone as demand is quite high! More people play basketball in America than any other sport, with over 28 million Americans that play casually or organized in leagues. The demand of home owners wanting to have their very own basketball court on-site has never been greater. Both half and full court basketball courts being paved and installed right at home is now quite common. One of the most rewarding aspects of a new basketball court paving installation is that if done properly, the upkeep is minimal, but the years of enjoyment are quite extraordinary.

Basketball paving and basketball court installation can be an exciting new addition to any home, church, school, or recreational area. It can also be a nightmare project and very expensive if not done properly or carefully thought out. Whatever your basketball paving needs may be, make sure you get the job done right! Nothing is worse than laying out good money for an exciting project only to see it deteriorating a year or two later. This project may look easy and many want to “do-it-yourself” but when building a basketball court there are many factors that need to be considered as it can quickly get complicated as well as expensive if the project goes south.

Basketball paving potential complications in NJ

Project complications and hurdles include zoning and township laws and regulations, foundation, slope and layout concerns, drainage strategies and environment conditions. Laying a court down over cut down tree stumps is an example of a big mistake if you are thinking about longevity of the basketball courts life. R and D Paving has installed dozens of basketball courts throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and understand how to prepare and pave your project correct the first time, on-time and for a long time. New Jersey presents some unique temperature issues as well that need to always be considered. In NJ, we deal with both hot and cold, wet and dry, and everything in-between. All of these elements and variables need to be discussed and assessed prior to installation and material purchasing.

What type of basketball paving is right for you?

What type of basketball court are we going to build? This is a great question, but one many owners overlook. Again, New Jersey has special requirements and there are also different materials needed depending on your needs. You may want a concrete court or an asphalt court. Depending on your budget and your needs, the type of surface will differ. For the most part, asphalt is more affordable than concrete as the raw materials are less expensive. Proper thickness of the court will also be an important factor in costs. We don’t recommend you go any less than 4 inches thick. Concrete is more expensive, but usually will last longer. A concrete court installed properly can last 20 years or more. An asphalt court will last a long time especially if it is used primarily for basketball only. If the court is also used as a parking lot, the wear and tear on the court may require using concrete. These are all factors that go into the decision making. The key is to make the decision that is right for you and regardless of the decision you make, we will make sure that everything is explained and your expectations are met.

Basketball Court Line Striping, Colors and Customization?

Once finished, detailing your basketball court and striping it properly needs to be considered carefully. Once you spend time and money making your basketball court durable with quality materials, you will want to make it look sharp with proper line striping and quality paint. Are you going to have a 3-point line? What about coloring the basketball key? R and D Paving can get the job done right. Complete customization of your basketball court is with a unique design or logo is no problem whatsoever. Keep it simple or get creative and go for something totally unique. We can accommodate almost any option or creative idea you wish to implement. Basketball court installation is a fun project and we would be happy to install something that will bring your family and athletes decades of enjoyment long after the project is complete.

Your line striping on the court will also be true and built to regulation specs. We will make sure the striping is not only accurate but long lasting. Doing the striping job right the first time will prevent having to re-stripe your court year after year. Make the colors you choose long lasting as well. This way your court will compliment your home and look great year after year.

If you are considering having a basketball court installed and would like questions answered, simply contact us and request a consultation. Lets discuss your ideas and needs. If you want the job to be done right and to last, R and D Paving is here to get started!