Line striping (or marking) is the finishing touch to any freshly paved or sealed asphalt surface. When it comes to parking lots, the line stripes are the most noticeable part, and because of this it is imperative that the task if carried out neatly, and planned efficiently. While we call it the finishing touch, it certainly doesn’t mark the end of asphalt maintenance. Asphalt requires continual maintenance; however, line striping indicates the end of surface repairs or that the laying is complete. We can provide line stripes that are as durable as they are bright.

Industrial Line Striping

We provide you with a brand-new layout and we always use the highest quality of equipment, materials, and techniques when undertaking any project. Not only can we execute your chosen design layout, but we will carry out inspections and install all of the necessary striping and signage to ensure you are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We offer:

  • No parking markings.
  • Fire zone markings.
  • Municipal/Commercial markings.
  • Handicap markings.

Parking Lot Line Striping

We assist you in ensuring that your visitors can use your parking lot safely. Our lines will direct traffic to follow the proper designated route when aiming for the entrance and exist, as well as clearly defining parking areas, loading areas, crosswalks, and ensure that drive aisles are clearly defined to provide spaces that are wide enough for pedestrians and cars to travel safely. Parking spaces that are properly designed will ensure that you are safely accommodating the maximum number of cars possible.

In addition to safety, we are upgrading the appearance of your property. Customers and clients will appreciate a parking lot that is well-marked, well thought out, and well designed. This is your chance to create a positive, long-lasting first impression for visitors.

An Expert Finish

This is an essential step after the seal coat process has been finished, and should be considered equally as important. While the process may be straight forward, proper execution is imperative. One misplaced line, or a poor layout is enough to create serious traffic misery for your employees and your customers and clients.

We are experienced in creating effective layouts and in applying highly professional line striping. We use techniques, materials, and equipment of the highest quality to ensure your job is completed to a high standard. We ensure that there is adequate space for each car to park, and to accommodate as many cars as possible.

Before we start the process, we will prepare your lot to ensure you get the cleanest job possible. We remove debris, and seal coat the lot to create the perfect surface for your line striping.

We offer a wide variety of line striping services, including:

  • New layouts
  • Repainting over existing line striping
  • Removing unwanted markings or line striping
  • Laying special markings or letterings
  • Parking lot line striping
  • Handicap markings
  • Walkways and crosswalks
  • Fire lane markings
  • Numbered parking stalls for business premises or apartment complexes
  • Direction arrows
  • Exit and entrance markings

We always work to ensure our clients are completely compliant with ADA requirements, and consider the safety of drivers and pedestrians in your parking lot. Are you in need of line striping, whether it be for a parking lot, tennis court, or other sports related markings? We can handle your project, no matter the size. Contact us to arrange an estimate and discuss your project.