Have you ever wondered why certain tennis courts look so immaculate? They almost appear untouched by tennis players, but it’s all down to regular maintenance and hard work. Pretty much every tennis club, community park, high school, and sports club has hard courts, even the White House!

There are plenty of reasons why this is true:

  • Low Maintenance. Grass courts require trimming, while clay courts need to be regularly watered. However, hard courts simply need swept on a regular basis and perhaps cleaned with a pressure washer biannually.
  • Damage Resistant. Asphalt based hard courts are far more durable than grass or clay courts.
  • Cost Effective. If you invest in a hard surface tennis court, you can rest assured that you will be getting a court that will serve you for many years to come.

Tennis Court Structure

A hard court needs a base that is solid and stable, and asphalt offers the most durable foundation for any hard surface tennis court. Your asphalt tennis court comes with two layers for full durability, it isn’t simply a patch of asphalt that has been painted green. Additionally, two coats of acrylic coating are applied, this seeps into the layers to insulate and provide them with additional protection, no matter the weather.

To finish the court, acrylic paint will be applied. The obvious choice is green, however, it’s up to you. Regardless of color, acrylic paint will hold its color when compared to other types of paint. Now, you can’t forget about the line paint. Once the surface is done, the line stripes will be applied in line with the nationally accepted standard. We are more than happy to make any adjustments to the process if you are looking for a more customized tennis court.


Even an asphalt tennis court is susceptible to damage, whether it’s due to poor installation, temperature cycles, or water damage. Some of the most common signs that your court is in need of repairs include depressions, cracking, and puddles. Whether it’s a home court, a club, or a business that you are operating, tennis players (and the spectators) expect a high standard. The damage can’t wait until the season is over. If it’s incredibly bad it isn’t just a case of aesthetics, it’s a safety problem, too. Cracks in your tennis court can be trip hazards. Furthermore, issues with the court can turn the game. If you want happy customers then it’s vital you look after your tennis court.

Regular maintenance is a must, but know that to make actual repairs a professional is a must if you want the job done right. Taking a DIY approach will often harm your court, and that’s because we follow a strict process when we carry out repairs and always use high quality materials, equipment, and techniques. Before we make a repair, we clean the area thoroughly, and we use special equipment to do the job. Additionally, there are various types of damage which can afflict a tennis court, and each of these will require a specific approach.

If you are in need of tennis court paving, or have routine repairs that need to be taken care of, fear not, because we can handle any type of project. Whether it’s a full paving job, a birdbath repair, or cracking, contact us to discuss your needs and requirements and schedule an estimate.