Have you ever tripped on a broken step, or had a step crumble beneath your feet? It happens all the time, in towns and cities throughout the world. You probably don’t have to think too far back to the last time you walked on a staircase that was way out of shape, whether from rotting wood or crumbling concrete. Maybe you have stairs around your own property, whether a business or a house, that need serious attention.

How would you go about fixing damaged steps? Who is the best person to call? You might be able to find someone on an informal business directory, such as Craigslist, who offers to do this kind of work at a cut rate. You might be able to get a great deal up front, but what materials will be used in the repair? What kind of experience and expertise is going into the repair, and how will it stand the test of time, of changing seasons, of extreme temperatures and constant foot traffic? A cheap repair is not a good value if it simply has to be done again next year. Meanwhile, a quality repair is likely to last years, even decades, depending on the nature of the repair.

The question of whether or not damaged steps can be fixed or repaired really comes down to the materials that were used, the problems that maybe surrounding the damaged steps, the natural landscape, and skill and experience of contractor who installed steps. There are so many different variables in play. But if you’re looking at stair damage, you probably want a specialist who is very experienced in whatever material is broken, such as asphalt or concrete. At the same time, you want someone who can recognize landscape irregularities or other factors that may have led to the weak or broken step. There may even be cases where it’s wise to pull up the other stairs and install a fresh staircase.

But most people don’t really want to break it down all that much – they really just want a solution to a simple problem.

There may also be cases where a circus is severely damaged weather from time or age for fire for so many other factors. In such cases, tearing out the old staircase it’s entirety and Installing a brand-new staircase may actually be the more sensible move to make.

You might wonder whether damaged asphalt or concrete steps can be fixed, and who would be the best person to do that kind of work. The reality is, many home renovation contractors are not specialists in asphalt, or even concrete for that matter. There are a lot of specialists out there with a lot of different experience levels.

The point is that a concrete or asphalt specialist is usually your best bet for damaged stairs or steps made of asphalt or concrete. On the other hand, if you had damaged steps made of specialty wood, an experienced home renovator would be the right call to make.