It would be nice of nothing ever went wrong with your parking lot. As a business owner, you have enough to worry about already. It’s frustrating to think you could be saddled with unexpected repair costs due to problems in or around your asphalt parking lot; but these things do happen. That’s why it’s important to have some basic knowledge about what to look for, and what to expect when a repair becomes necessary.

Catch basins are a feature of asphalt parking lots that people are even less likely to consider – but they’re an important part of any asphalt construction, and when they break down, the effects can be visible immediately.

Before we continue, let’s review what a catch basin actually is. Most people know it as a storm drain or curb inlet. Essentially, catch basins are the drains that collect rainwater and snow melt, preventing problems with standing water. Basically, a steel grate is set into the surface of the asphalt or concrete, allowing water to fall to the drainage system below.

So what are some of the common ways in which catch basins break down?

First, there’s always the chance that your catch basin wasn’t installed properly. This can lead to warping or crumbling around the steel grate. If the asphalt surface itself wasn’t installed to a high professional standard (even at the base or sub base levels), the buckling surface can throw catch basins completely out of alignment.

Another common problem occurs when water begins to accumulate between the frame of the catch basin. Over time (especially if the water is freezing and thawing over and over again), this will weaken the catch basin installation until it finally becomes structurally useless.

How to make sure your catch basins perform like they should?

The value of finding the right professional to install your catch basins – or repair them, if needed – can hardly be overstated. This isn’t the kind of repair you want to revisit in the near future – you want it taken care of for years or even decades to come. There are qualified professional in your area who absolutely will not cut corners when installing or repairing catch basins, and you can usually find these by looking high review scores, physical offices, and websites that are informative and clear.

So how are catch basin problems alleviated? What are the repair techniques used to bring them back to full functionality?

The reality is that every single catch basin repair is different. A reputable professional will have an arsenal of tools and techniques at their disposal, and may use a combination of cutting, filling and other methods in order to repair a catch basin. The most important aspect is understanding what caused the damage in the first place, and fixing that underlying issues. Otherwise, any catch basin repair that your contractor attempts will simply result in a quick fix – and before you know it, you’ll find yourself right back in the same predicament.

Catch basin repair may seem like a minor thing, but it actually requires a great deal of skill and expertise. That’s what it’s important to find a professional that has both the skills and experience to solve the problem correctly.