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Check Out These Amazing Facts about Asphalt

Asphalt is so universal these days that we hardly even notice it – unless, of course, those lane closures make the commute more difficult. The barrage of road construction crews during the hot New Jersey summers can be frustrating indeed… Continue Reading →

The 4 Most Common Asphalt Problems and Solutions

When you own a home, your ability to find solutions to common problems can make all the difference. There are many homeowners who neglect standard maintenance issues for a long time, and are surprised when they try to sell or… Continue Reading →

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Parking Lot?

There are a lot of costs to keep track of when you’re in charge of a small-to-medium sized business. And with the growing number of entrepreneurs out there, small-to-medium sized businesses are becoming more numerous. More people are trying to… Continue Reading →

My Asphalt Pavement Has Cracks: Should I Fill Them Myself?

DIY is a big deal these days, in case you haven’t noticed. There are three main reasons for this. First, the prevalence of information out there (e.g. free instructional content on YouTube) make is easy for virtually anyway to go… Continue Reading →

Tar & Chip or Asphalt: Which is Better for My Driveway?

When you think about installing a new driveway, you might not think there are very many choices. Everybody uses asphalt, right? It’s cheap, durable, flexible, and it generally looks great. Overall, asphalt is the most common form of pavement and… Continue Reading →

3 Common Threats to the Longevity of Asphalt

Asphalt is truly one of the most amazing products in the world. Considering how versatile and durable it is, the cost of the material is hard to believe. There’s a good reason why so many governments and public works organizations… Continue Reading →

How Does the Cold Affect Asphalt?

Even if you have a very short driveway or no driveway at all, you are familiar with the smooth feeling of asphalt beneath the wheels of the car as soon as you drive—smooth, that is, until you run over a… Continue Reading →

Do the Changing Seasons Cause Problems for Asphalt Surfaces?

Seasonal changes can bring challenges to every part of your property. From wear and tear to your roof, or damage to your outdoor deck, it takes work to maintain the exterior of your home. Your driveway is no exception to… Continue Reading →

Is Asphalt Repair Worth it?

Asphalt is a vital part of the exteriors of both homes and businesses. Not only does it provide convenience, but it also completes the outside appearance of your house or business. If you have had asphalt work done in the… Continue Reading →

6 Amazing Facts About Asphalt

Most people ride on asphalt, walk on asphalt, and see asphalt every single day. But it’s not something most of us pay close attention to. Even if we’re driving a car and staring right down at the asphalt, we rarely… Continue Reading →

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