When you have a parking lot or similar space, the challenge of drain water is a given unless there’s a drainage system then water will pool in level areas. For parking lots it is absolutely vital to eliminate water, water is one of the most common factors of damage to concrete and asphalt. When moisture gets through the surface it gets into the sub-base which can cause serious damage. A catch basin helps to drain the water that pools on the surface, and this is often the first point of issue when it comes to parking lot problems.

Generally speaking, a catch basin will collect water runoff from the pavement and act as the storm drain system’s junction. Part of a catch basins construction includes a sump pump to collect debris and sediment. The material will be removed using machinery, or in some cases by hand.

The Deterioration of the Catch Basin

Catch basins are generally constructed using a steel frame, concrete cone, plus riser ringers, a grate, and a reducer top. Eventually, the concrete shrinks away from the frame and water can flow through the spaces. A compromised catch basin can harm the space surrounding it, this can result in deterioration of the catch basin, too. In many cases, the damage to the catch basin will cause the surrounding area to fail and cave in.

It is common for catch basins (or storm drains) to deteriorate because water will enter the joints and disintegrate the original mortar. This often happens during colder weather when water causes expansion and contraction causing mortar to pop from place. Additionally, you may see cracks appearing around the perimeter which allows water into the casting.

Whether it’s one issue or a combination of them, this will lead to the deterioration of the structure’s service, causing:

  • The drain will allow standing water to pool. For pedestrian areas that can result in accidents, leading to lawsuits and liability claims.
  • The cracking can spread outward leading to further deterioration of the surrounding concrete or asphalt.
  • The mortar may pop out once the casting settles. This can result in a lip that can be a slip and trip hazard.
  • A section of wedge blocks may fall out causing the casting to see-saw when it is traveled over.
  • The upper layer of blocks may fail resulting in the concrete caving in.

Repairs to Catch Basins

Your parking lot will benefit if you repair or replace a damaged or aging catch basin. Additionally, the repair will reduce the likelihood of vehicle damage on your lot.

Before we carry out any repairs we will inspect the area to determine how extensive the damage is. If it is in need of repair the outside will be sawed around a foot away from the frame and extracted. It may require the full frame (and grate) to be removed, but in some cases, that won’t be necessary. We install new blocked to improve the catch basins elevation and pour new mortar before replacing the frame and grate.

The services that we employ to remedy the situation may be as simple as a patch, or it may require an in-depth structural rebuild. Although, it may only require a slight adjustment. In addition to carrying out catch basin repairs, we can also install them. Many parking lots lack the proper drainage solutions and we can assist you in rectifying this.

If you are in need of catch basin repair or installation, contact us to arrange an estimate and discuss your project.