While concrete is a highly durable material, it can develop cracks. If your concrete is installed properly to begin with, this type of damage should be limited but because it is rigid in nature, it can shrink due to drying, movement, excessive loads, and temperature changes. Placing necessary breaks at the correct spots will limit damage, so always work with a qualified and respected professional.

Cracks in concrete driveways, patios, or sidewalks can reduce the value of your property. Additionally, it has a negative impact on the overall aesthetic of your property. It can also create bigger problems. If cracks aren’t addressed properly it can result in leaking, or worse, flooding. This, of course, will create a whole host of new issues.

Ensuring the cracks are repaired early will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in future repairs. If allowed to develop the cracks can spread to a point where the surface will no longer be salvageable and the only solution will be a complete replacement.

We have been handling crack repair and filling for several years and offer help with the following:

  • Foundational fracture lines
  • Cracks in the basement
  • Cracking in walls
  • Cracking in the sidewalk
  • Cracking in the patio
  • Cracking in the driveway

Repair and Filling Specialists

There are many options when it comes to repairing concrete cracking. We evaluate every concrete failure individually and take your activities into consideration before we recommend an appropriate method of repair.

Lifting, Leveling, Stabilizing.
Thanks to the foam injection system we can lift sunken concrete slabs back into their level position. We will then fill the voids beneath the slabs with the foam to bond and stabilize the area offering a water tight surface. This is ideal for sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, basements, patios, foundations, airport runways, docks, and more.
This is an effective method of repairing cracks in concrete. It will preserve the look of the concrete as well as its longevity, and it’s ideal for patios, walkways, garages, landscaped areas, driveways, and more.
Path Repair.
This will resolve the majority of common issues related to concrete breakages and cracks. We employ the highest quality repair bonding agent to ensure the patchwork will last.
When it comes to shopping centers, restaurants, or other commercial properties, it’s important to avoid tripping hazards. Dustless concrete grinding may just be your best option to help you avoid liability from accidents.
Caulking and Crack Seal.
This will prevent moisture from damaging cracks further and spreading to the foundation and expansion joints.
Take time to preserve the look that you are intent on maintaining. You made an initial investment in concrete paving so allow us to assist you in maintaining that look for years to come.

We can offer concrete restoration services and full-scale repairs to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Are you in need of crack repair or filling? Then contact us to discuss your project and arrange an estimate. We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality work and service in the industry. We are happy to provide you advice on how best to proceed with your repair or replacement project.