If you are dealing with a flooded basement or you have water pooling in your outdoor space, it’s time to check your drainage, and ensure your grading has been done properly. There are a variety of issues that may be causing this problem, including downspouts placed improperly, sloped grading, and more. We can assist you with your drainage solutions, as well as handle grading issues, all for an affordable price.

There are a variety of different solutions when it comes to drainage issues, this is because every drainage issue is different, therefore it is unique and must be approached from that perspective. Some drainage issues can be rectified simply, by diverting the water using a wall or curb. Other solutions may require landscaping, or possibly more complicated solutions like French drains, concrete, or surface drains.

As experienced contractors, we approach every drainage problem the same way: we factor in your budget, and find the best possible solution that meets your needs, while adhering to that budget. We have years of experience, so we have turned to a wide variety of solutions to solve drainage problems for many customers before you.

This is essentially the starting point for any proper drainage system. This is because your gutters direct all rainwater away from the home’s foundation. Your gutters should be kept in good condition, and you should ensure they are free from debris (this will help prevent clogs and fires). At their downspout points, the water should be flowing away from your home. Your solution may be as simple as extending or rerouting your downspouts.
French Drains
When a French Drain is installed properly it will collect water and expel it away from your home. You can have them installed at specific wet spots in the yard, or beneath the foundation as part of a waterproofing system for the basement. When installed inside they reroute water to the sump pump. While external French Drains direct water from your home. They are beneath the ground, and to prevent clogging they are installed at a slight slope.
Yard Grading Services
How your yard slopes will have a serious impact on your drainage solutions. The slope is an essential part of ensuring exterior water doesn’t flow and pool around the foundation of your home. Foundation pooling could result in water seeping in beneath the cove joint, spilling over the top, and creating serious repair issues with your foundation and the structural integrity of your home. We can help you in achieving the perfect slope in your yard to prevent any drainage problems.

Sadly, there are many homes with drainage problems destroying their landscaping, and ultimately damaging structural integrity and creating serious safety hazards. Some of the common issues that we deal with include:

  • Foundation damage
  • Standing water
  • Wet basements
  • Slippery surfaces

If you are one of the unlucky home owners that is experiencing any of the issues then it is time to take immediate corrective action. Contact us to discuss your drainage issues. We will inspect your property and help in determining what drainage solution is the right choice for your budget and for your home. Call us to arrange an estimate.