Of all the home repairs that can sneak up on you and cause a major headache when you least expect it, foundation repairs have to be near the top of the list. One day everything is normal, and the next, you have a specialist telling you that a significant investment to repair your foundation is necessary.

It might be possible, however, to prevent that kind of situation by staying on top of any foundation issues you have, and by knowing how to recognize if there’s a problem. One of the main reasons why so many foundation problems get out of hand is that people don’t know how to recognize when something isn’t right – or else they choose to think nothing of it, and the problem gets worse.

To that end, here are some important signs that your foundation may be in need of a professional assessment:

Your ceilings and/or floors are warped

Assuming your home was built by professionals who knew their stuff, everything was square and level when the project was finished. It may have been decades (or longer) since then, and things might not be quite so square and level anymore. One of the common signs of foundation problems is gaps, warped areas, or sagging areas in your ceilings or walls. Shifts in the foundation can lead to problems like this. Another example of this would be a door or window that suddenly (or gradually) becomes loose or tight. Foundational problems affect the shape of door and window frames.

The walls are cracked

Another common effect of foundation problems (it is the foundation of your home, after all) is cracks in the walls. Whenever your walls seem misshapen, cracked, warped or otherwise compromised, it’s very much possible that the problem stems from your home’s foundation. Fortunately, foundation repairs are very much possible in most situations like this. It might not be an expense you were planning for, but ignoring foundation problems can have dire financial consequences in the future.

The foundation has visible cracks

Sometimes, trouble with your foundation can be spotted in more obvious ways. Basement inspections might reveal cracks or other visible damage. These problems can be observed on the outside of the home as well, in some cases. If there’s any doubt whether or not your foundation has been compromised in some way – or if it’s been awhile, and you just want to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up – a professional inspection is the best way to cover your bases.

Don’t trust just anyone with your home’s foundation!

The foundation is one the most important aspects of your home – and when a problem is allowed to get worse, the consequences can be very real indeed. If you’re in need of a repair, or if you just want to know for sure that your home’s foundation is in good shape, it’s important to find a contractor who is experienced, skilled, and equipped to make an accurate assessment – and to do the job right, if any repairs are necessary.