How often do you really stop and think about the pavement you’re driving on, walking on, or riding on? The reality is, pavement is something we all take for granted as we go about our daily business. We only really notice when it’s broken up, warped, or otherwise poorly maintained. When bad asphalt or concrete causes inconvenience in our daily lives, we see just how important quality pavement is.

Pavement problems are usually due to age, weather, excessive use, or faulty installation. One or several of these factors is almost always to blame, unless there was a serious natural event such as an earthquake or a tree that fell over the pavement during a severe storm.

Faulty installation is the most bothersome and common reason for pavement that does not function as it should. This comes down to the fact that asphalt and concrete pavement specialists run the gamut in terms of quality. There are those who lack the appropriate tools and technology to perform concrete or asphalt installations at the highest level. Others simply cut corners in order to improve their own bottom-line.

When you research pavement specialists to handle your residential or commercial pavement needs, whether it’s a custom concrete driveway or an asphalt parking lot for a large retail outlet, you want to make sure that the contractor you choose represents the highest level of professionalism in the field. Here are three important advantages to choosing your pavement specialist carefully.

You get real professionals

Even if there are certain members on the crew who are relatively new to the field, your project should always be managed and overseen by a deeply experienced professional who has successfully handled hundreds of asphalt and concrete projects. No two installations are exactly the same, and it’s only experience that allows professionals to reach a high level of success and consistency in various residential and commercial settings.

You get higher quality mixes and materials

Did you think that all asphalt and concrete is basically the same? In fact, there are many different mixes of both asphalt and concrete. Some are high quality and some are not. With a truly reputable pavement specialist, you know you’re getting the best materials, from the sub base layers to the actual surface and sealcoating.

You get superior service

There is much to be said for a pavement project that runs smoothly, from initial contact all the way to the finished product. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business person, you want the process to be as stress-free as possible. You want it to go according to schedule and to stay within the agreed budget. All of this falls under the service aspect of pavement installation, and the top-rated contractors will have you well-covered in this area.

Pavement with integrity

In order to secure a concrete or asphalt installation that has integrity from top to bottom, you have to find the contractor who runs their business the same way. Look for companies whose online reputations are strong, who guarantee their work against defects in writing, and who guarantee that your project will be managed by an experienced pro.