The foundation is where every construction begins, and when it comes to the repair of a foundation, we are the best in the business. If you have noticed cracks in the floors or walls of your home (or office building) then this could be an indication that you have problems with the foundation. When a foundation is settling it can create major issues to your home’s structural integrity. Lucky for you, we offer a variety of repair systems that will rectify any type of foundational issue. It is vital that you make repairs to foundational problems as soon as they are noticed, as this will help to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Buckling, Bowed Walls and Wall Anchors

If you have noticed that your basement walls are bulging horizontally, this means they can’t handle the external pressure that is being placed on them. This can result in a total collapse of the foundation. One solution to this issue is a wall anchor. These are placed directly into the earth next to the foundation and attached using steel poles. The steel poles are drilled through the foundation to marry with an internal connecting plate. This will prevent further movement of the wall, and the bolts will be tightened over time to straighten and correct the foundation. Essentially, it’s what braces do your teeth, or pins do to broken bones.

I-Beam Solutions

I-Beams are another solution for buckling and bowed walls or basement walls that are leaning or tipping. These steel beams brace the interior of the basement to provide walls with reinforcement. They are bracketed to floorboards as well as the base of the walls. Eventually, your wall may revert to its original position.

Problems with Foundation Settling and the Solution

Once the earth begins to settle beneath the foundation, the foundation may also settle. This tends to occur when the soil wasn’t properly compacted before the pouring of the foundation. This causes your foundation to sink, thus damaging your home.

Foundation piers will be installed right down to the bedrock or virgin soil, then attached to the foundation’s footer to stabilize your home permanently.

After the Repairs

Once we have stabilized your foundation we can determine whether there is any unseen damage.

Our foundation repair and solutions will ensure that your home is solid right the way through, offering dependability and increased durability. We take the time to fully evaluate the foundation for signs of aging, structural issues, and how the structure interacts with its surroundings. Once we take this into account we can devise the best strategy to tackle the necessary repairs. We rely on our experience, technology, as well as the proven repair methods.

We are experienced contractors when it comes to foundation repair, but we can also pour the foundation for new construction. Because we also offer grading services, you can rest assured that your project will be done right from start to finish. Why bother with a bunch of different contractors for one project, when you can work with us?

We understand what it takes to do the job right and we have invested heavily in honing our skills and use the highest quality materials, equipment, and techniques.
Contact us to get the ball rolling on your project. We are happy to offer advice when it comes to materials and budget and can provide you with an estimate.