A patio can provide a steep increase in your home’s value, as well as create an atmosphere ideal for friends and family to enjoy. Whether you are renovating an existing patio, replacing an existing patio, or installing a brand new one, we can work with you to achieve the perfect look for your home at a price that you can afford.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality services at affordable prices, and when it comes to great backyards, it all starts with an attractive patio. We have plenty of incredible ideas and amazing designs for patio textures and layouts. We can custom build patios to make efficient use of your backyard space, while creating an attractive area for you to enjoy.

We build patios to last, and they truly are the ideal gateway to the perfect outdoor living space. They are a great space for family functions, parties, or just relaxing when the weather is nice.

Patio Installation
We strive for excellence when it comes to constructing patios, and our patios are built to last and maintain their looks. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to patio materials, too, so you can choose any style, texture, color, or shape you want.
Raised Patio
There are endless design options when it comes to installing a raised patio. The installation process is similar to that of the traditional patio, but with the added benefit that they can be installed where grading isn’t even or grading isn’t achievable.
Brick Patio
There is no better way to highlight your outdoor living area than with a brick patio. We can also install brick driveways, steps, and walkways. While brick may be costly, it is easy to repair and highly durable. There’s no need for it to be stained or resealed in the years to come.
Brick Paver Patio
You can also choose a brick paver patio, which allows you to choose from a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. You can create the ultimate rustic patio or opt for an ultra-modern look. Again, there’s no need for resealing or staining, and the patio will serve you well for years to come.
Concrete Patio
This is a great option if you’re looking to create hardscape space in your backyard. The good news is that colored concrete is incredibly common and it’s a great way to add a splash of personality to your outdoor space. Alternatively, you could opt for stamped concrete. This will mimic any type of natural stone, making it an incredibly popular choice due to its affordability. It also comes in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns.
Flagstone Patio
Flagstone provides a natural look and natural flagstone is available in a variety of colors, so you can install a patio that blends perfectly into the existing landscape. Common flagstone patios are created using slate, sandstone, and limestone.
Patio Repair
We don’t just install patios, we can also fix them, whether it’s brick pavers, concrete, stone, or brick. If your patio is cracking or just in need of a reseal we can handle it.

If you think it’s time that you installed a patio to enhance your outdoor living space, then you need to call us 973-584-7283 to discuss your project and arrange an estimate.