As the owner or manage of a business, how many different tasks, problems, and expenses do you have to think about every day? You might never have bothered to count—and if you did, you’d be amazed. Everybody knows that succeeding in business today requires a serious amount of dedication and hard work. It requires attention to detail. It requires the ability to think about every aspect of your business, from making sure there’s enough coffee in the break room to decisions about the parking lot outside the building.

As a matter of fact, how is that parking doing? You probably haven’t given it much thought over the last two or three years, but if you look closely, you may well see that the stripes are looking tired and faded.

Is it really necessary to have a professional come out and re-stripe it? Or is it possible to let sleeping dogs lie?

Parking lot striping may seem like a trivial thing, but it’s fairly important when you think about it. Bright, clean stripes that are even and perfectly laid out keep your customers and colleagues safe as they come and go. If there were a mishap as a result of your poorly striped lot, even if no one were hurt, it would reflect negatively on your business.

Which brings is to the second reason for having your lot re-striped sooner rather than later: It restores a more professional look to your property and gives the right impression to the people who visit. A rep from a different company might be coming to discuss a possible deal or collaboration, and although parking lot maintenance is not going to be part of the discussion, the way you look after your business (including your parking lot) is definitely a reflection of how you operate.

In order to maximize the lifespan of your parking lot stripes, it pays to look for a specialist whose skills and experience in this trade are proven. Otherwise you could end up with someone who is little more than “hobbyist” with no actual training it how it’s done. The assumption that parking lot striping is easy, or is not even necessary, can be very damaging to businesses.

It also pays to find someone honest. The weather and climate are important factors in how your lot should be striped, and how often. Local laws and regulations also must be taken into account. Business owners who live in areas with extreme temperature swings often choose to simply have the lot striped every year and be done with it. This keeps the appearance bright and fresh, year after year, even through tough winters and hot sweltering summers.

How often is often enough?

Again, this depends on where you live. But if you look at the data for businesses throughout the country, the average frequency for parking lot striping works out to around once every 1.5 years. Also keep in mind that striping the entire parking lot may not be needed. Parking lot stripers are often willing to do “touch ups” at little-to-no cost—but again, it’s important to find someone reputable and straightforward.