As a business owner, the exterior of your establishment is really important. Regardless of whether your establishment is involved in retail, professional offices, or in another area of business, first impressions count. One “impression” that you might have forgotten about is the appearance of your parking lot.

Putting on a fresh coat of stripes to give your parking lot that new, fresh, organized feel is an economic and worthwhile investment. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Safety

When you pull into a parking lot that is striped with directional arrows and lines to mark the spaces, you know which direction traffic flows and exactly where to park your car. From a business perspective, this is ideal in providing traffic safety for your customers. Mishaps can be prevented when there are clear visual queues for drivers. Striping lots can also involve painting the curbs, which helps prevent people from driving over them — and causing damage to their cars and the curbs themselves.

2. Disabled Parking

When you take the time to stripe your lot, you also have the opportunity to provide disabled people with a close, convenient spot to your business. You can allow them plenty of room to exit their vehicles in safety and ease by offering disabled parking spots. When parking lots have either never been painted, or have not been painted in a long time, people with disabilities can have a hard time as designated handicapped spaces aren’t clear.

3. Organization

One of the most frustrating situations is when your car is blocked by other vehicles, making it virtually impossible to leave. This same scenario can happen in a parking lot without stripes. When customers are forced to park in an unmarked lot, they park wherever they can find a close spot, sometimes sandwiching other cars in by doing so. Customers and colleagues are not likely to have a good impression if this occurs due to a lack of parking lot maintenance.

4. Pedestrian Crossing

Everyone hopes that crossing the street will be an easy task. When pedestrian crossing in parking lots is clearly marked, drivers are alerted of when to be especially careful and aware of people outside the car. Ease in walking to their cars and loading any items they may have purchased from your business makes customers more satisfied overall.

5. Maximized Space

If you want to be prepared for days when your business is especially crowded, making the most of the space that you have outside is essential. Striping your lot helps create the most room for people to park and have easy access to and from your business. In parking lots that lack recent striping, customers have to park however they can, which results in a great deal of lost space.

Choosing a Professional

When it comes time to have your parking lot striped, hiring the most experienced asphalt specialist you can find will lead to better results. Choosing the right professional will maximize your value and make sure all your question are answered. In addition to striping and paving your parking lot, asphalt specialists can repair any unsightly cracks or dangerous potholes that have may appeared in you business’s parking lot. The customers, employees and colleagues who visit your business on a regular basis will notice the difference!