Most residential properties don’t need or want their driveways or parking areas striped. But when it comes to running a business, it’s virtually unthinkable not to have these visible guidelines for your customers and employees. Studies show that unstriped parking lots are far more likely to cause inconvenience, inefficiency, and accidents.

Some businesses do try to go without parking lot striping, even in areas where doing so runs contrary to regulations. The reason for doing this is usually the impulse to save cash; but when you look at the actual cost of parking lot striping, it becomes clear that the savings probably aren’t worth it. Here’s a look at the main reasons to take the leap and have your parking lot striped by a professional.

1. It’s much safer

If you’ve ever driven on an unstriped parking lot, especially a large one, you know how comparatively unsafe it feels. You wonder where the vehicles entering or exiting the lot are actually going to go. On foot, you have to keep a close eye out. And when you leave your car, you wonder if somebody’s going to run into it and leave a mark.

On top of that, people with handicap stickers probably don’t have anywhere special to park, which makes your business much less accessible to the general public. This takes us to another important topic: Legality. In many areas, businesses are required to have their parking lots striped. Not doing so can result in penalties or lawsuits, especially if there are mishaps on the premises. Even in areas where striping is not legally required, your insurance company may require it, or offer lower rates in exchange for having it done. The bottom line is that striped parking lots are a whole lot safer for everyone.

2. It’s more efficient

Your customers, employees and guests have busy lives. So do you, for that matter. Having an easy and efficient channel leading into and away from your business is breath of fresh air, and a time saver. Nobody needs the added stress of wondering what other vehicles in the lot are doing or where they’re going. Striping creates a more orderly and efficient parking lot

3. It looks better

A blank parking lot simply doesn’t look professional in the vast majority of cases, as it makes parking a matter of guesswork. It also means that fewer cars are going to fit into your lot at any given time, since the organizational principle is going to be lacking.

Compare that to a bright, freshly striped parking lot. This leaves a bold impression and shows people clearly where to park and how to enter/exit the lot. It simply looks better, and it tells your customers that you take your business seriously.

How much will line striping cost?

The cost of having your parking lot striped will obviously depend on the size of the lot, the number of stripes, and sometimes the condition of the lot. It also depends on where you live, and whether you hire an honest professional for the job. Generally speaking, expect to pay anywhere from $250 – $600 to have your parking lot striped every two years or so.

When you research companies for having your parking lot striped, pay special attention to the company’s reputation and overall capabilities. A company with persistently positive customer feedback, who also specializing in asphalt and concrete installations, is usually an excellent bet.