There are so many choices in all aspects of life this days, and every company wants you to think it’s the best. This goes for virtually every corner of industry, including those we might not think so much about, such as asphalt repair and installation. But the reality is obvious: Even when it comes to the pavement beneath our feet, there’s a big difference between companies who do things the right way and those who don’t operate to the highest professional standards.

The question for homeowners and business owners is, how do you tell them apart? And what difference does it really make if you simply hire the first asphalt company you come across in your local business directory or online?

First, let’s take the question of how you can tell a really good asphalt company from a mediocre (or not so good) one.

One of the main indicators are social review scores on social media and online directories, and this makes perfect sense when you think about it! The proof of a good pavement specialist can be seen in the customers who leave feedback about actual experiences. When you see a consistent pattern of good reviews with specific information in them, you know you’ve found a good specialist.

What kind of specific information are we talking about? The quality of the installation itself is obviously very important. If people aren’t completely satisfied with the pavement itself, and if the quality of the work doesn’t have long-lasting and durable results, there’s not much more to be said. Things like communication, timeliness, and cost are also important. You want a company who brings all of these elements together, and delivers an outstanding customer experience on all fronts.

Customer reviews aren’t the only thing to look for, however. Another key indicator is what kind of web site the company has. Is it organized, easy to navigate, and highly informative? Does it contain plenty of visual evidence of the company’s past projects? If so, it’s a fairly good sign that the company’s actual pavement projects will be similarly organized and impeccable. Mediocre or poor-quality companies will often have web sites that don’t offer much information, and are anything but easy to navigate.

So let’s say you’ve found a couple of good pavement specialists based on the above criteria. When you reach out for more information, here is another moment when the best companies stand out from the rest. Is the customer service highly informative, friendly, and timely? Or is it like pulling teeth to get the information you need? Believe it or not, there are pavement specialists out there who don’t think they have to work very hard to earn the business of community members. Eventually, however, these companies will fall by the wayside as other, more service-oriented companies step in to fill the gap.

Whether it’s a simple driveway or a commercial parking lot, quality does matter, and can save you big in the long run. Taking the time to find a pavement contractor that exceeds expectations is therefore a worthy undertaking.