Commercial Paving NJ

Do you need a paving or asphalt contractor that specializes in commercial parking lots or any other commercial paving service in NJ? Whether your paving project is new construction, customer parking lot and road repair, or a large asphalt sealcoating job, you have come to the right place!

R & D provides professional-quality asphalt services for all commercial asphalt or paving project. We have a passion in helping customers with all of their paving parking lot needs and you can be sure that is exactly what we will do for you if you decide to hire our business. We take pride in our work and want to be your choice now and in the future. You will be very happy with the end result and the owner of R & D is always on-site and emotionally involved every step of the way. You can trust the wide variety of asphalt parking lot services at R&D Paving.

For decades, we have helped customers with blacktop parking lot services that they could count on, including parking lot restoration with sealcoating. We use only high-quality tools, such as paving rollers that are equipped with vibratory compaction, and all of our grading is set with a transit level to ensure proper drainage. We are in this business to help as many people as possible and we would feel honored to add you to that list.

When it comes to pricing and payments, we run our asphalt parking lot business in a way that makes it convenient for customers. Not only do we charge competitive prices for our services, we also accept multiple payment methods, including all major credit cards. We are always evaluating our prices, making sure we are not only affordable but always extending special deals and discounts on a regular basis, including a Military discount. For customers that allow us to provide them with paving services more than once, we provide loyal customer discount rates as well.

We will be sure to take care of you by making your outside pavement parking lot look and feel the best it has ever been!

Commercial Paving Contractor For Business owners…. Big or Small!

Size does not matter and there are no bad questions! Please feel free to call us with your questions and get the answers about your paving project. There’s no project too big or too small for R&D Paving and we will make time to make sure you get the attention you deserve. Our team can help with commercial projects ranging from repairs to new construction. For the best commercial paving contractor in NJ – count on R&D Paving.

Not all road surfaces were made equal. Concrete is much more durable than asphalt. While asphalt shifts and deforms over time, concrete stays rigid until it eventually cracks and fractures. Deciding on which surface is right for you is your decision (though we can always offer our input). Our team is available for maintenance (patching), repair, installation, and resurfacing. We can build a walkway that will withstand heavy foot traffic for or a parking lot that will accommodate heavy vehicles. No matter what you need, our work will always meet and exceed your expectations!

For parking lots and driveway paving, we often recommend asphalt paving. While this surface has less rigidity than concrete, it is much easier to maintain. We always stand by our asphalt driveways or walkway work proudly.

Between seal coating your parking lot and filling in asphalt cracks; there is nothing our team can’t do for you. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about commercial paving. Reach out to us today if you need more information on our commercial paving services.

Count on R&D Paving, the best pavers in North Jersey! When you need answers to your asphalt questions, new paving and sealcoating performed or removal, replacement, or anything else for commercial paving in New Jersey, you can count us.