R & D Paving is proud to deliver excellent tar & chip, sometimes referred to as chip seal, driveways and surfaces throughout norther new jersey at affordable rates. Our team is dedicated to making sure the product we lay down and the service we provide exceeds your expectation. The owner of R & D is always on-site and involved in every project to assure quality and answer any questions you may have.

What is a Tar & Chip driveway?

Tar and Chip is a low cost paving alternative and many people are unaware of what it actually is and may have never even heard of it. It has been also been called chip & seal, seal chip and liquid asphalt and stone, chipseal and even Macadam. The latter because it was created by John Macadam, a Scottish engineer. What once was a water-bound process with a huge dust issue is no longer. The process today has evolved drastically and uses liquid hot tar and gravel/stone. Tar & chip roadways, driveways and parking lots have a rough texture. It makes an excellent choice when integrating and complimenting a natural landscape design or when used as a transitional driveway to a main road. We proudly offer our customers a high-quality tar and chip paving solution that leaves a low carbon footprint and will last for many years to come.

Why Choose Tar & Chip?

There are many advantages to choosing a tar & chip driveway with affordability leading the way as one of the best reasons to go the tar and chip direction. Tar & chip driveway advantages include lower cost of installation, less maintenance due to not having to sealcoat asphalt, and when it snows or rains, it is much less slippery when walked on. In New Jersey, this is a very important thing to take under consideration as our winters can be quite challenging. If your walkway or driveway has a lot of foot travel, tar & chip may be the perfect solution for you.

Its low maintenance, low installation costs and beauty are reasons to consider Tar and Chip installation. The natural look and seamless integration with nature is a true compliment to a well designed property. You can also choose the type and color of stone used during your installation to best fit your needs. There are some downsides and although they are small, they need to be taken into consideration so that you make the best decision for your home or property. Snow plowing tar and chip can be more difficult and if not careful a snowplow can damage the surface. Make sure that the snow plow rides above the surface and remove the leftover snow with a shovel carefully or simply wait for the remaining snow to melt.

Another disadvantage is that Tar & Chip is not a permanent solution. It is generally a 7-10 year solution. Even if done properly, it will need to have another layer after this time period has passed. Extra layers can be requested to further increase the life expectancy of your driveway.

Tar and Chip is also often referred to as chipseal or Macadam. The latter because it was created by John Macadam, a Scottish engineer. Initially, these were water-bound, which presented a problem with dust. The process today doesn’t come with that same problem and it has evolved drastically over the years; and we proudly offer our customers a high-quality tar and chip paving solution that leaves a low carbon footprint and will last for many years to come.

How the Construction Works

Liquid asphalt (hot tar) is applied to the gravel base. Wait, where is the tar and chip bit? While the liquid asphalt is still hot, stone chips are scattered across the top of it so they can adhere to the hot tar. Of course, they aren’t just any old chips, one of the biggest reasons people choose tar and chip is because it looks good! So, it stands to good reason you would choose attractive stone chips. For example, you may want to add a flash of color, thus choose a specific colored stone chip.

Once the chips have been laid over the tar, they will be firmly pressed by a steamroller.

It would be fair to say that every material has pros and cons, but tar and chip has so many pros it’s difficult to look elsewhere. Not only is this an affordable option, it is also aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a low cost option and low-maintenance. It is durable, and because the surface is rough it offers excellent traction. With asphalt, you have a smooth and slick surface, but because of the individual stone chips, tar and chip is rough.

Of course, it is vital that the work is carried out by a professional contractor, like ourselves, if you want it to be done properly, and last for many years to come. A tar and chip surface can be a stunning addition to your home’s landscape, and perhaps one of its greatest benefits is its ability to take an oil leak without showing it up too much. This makes it the ideal surface for auto shops, driveways, and in some cases, parking lots.

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  • Asphalt repairs
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Tar and chip is the perfect solution to anyone who doesn’t have the budget to install asphalt or someone who sees the benefit of added traction in their driveway or any other paved spaces.
We are highly experienced and always use the highest quality of materials, equipment, and techniques to ensure that your project is completed to perfection. We aren’t in the business of meeting expectations, we always strive to exceed them.

Our services are affordable, and we are always happy to offer advice on what projects and materials would best fit your budgetary needs, as well as fitting in with the landscape of your home and property. If you’d like to speak to a professional about your tar and chip project, contact us to arrange an estimate.