You probably don’t think too much about the pavement you’re driving on, or walking on, or riding on, unless the quality is either very good or very poor. But there is a lot of poor quality pavement out there, and a lot of really good pavement too. As a result, you may notice the pavement under your wheels or feet more often than you realize.

So what’s the difference between that really smooth, dark, even, strong pavement you sometimes notice, and the crumbling faded stuff that’s riddled with cracks and potholes?

The first and most obvious answer is age. Driving on a surfaced that has been recently paved or repaired will inevitably be a smoother and more pleasant experience than driving on asphalt that was installed twenty years ago. The lifespan of most asphalt can extend up to 20 years or more, depending the quality of the installation and environmental conditions. It’s invariably true that when a given asphalt installation reaches this age, it will begin to show signs of wear and eventually fall apart. Given the affordable price of asphalt and asphalt installations, it’s amazing they go that long before they start to break down.

But time and age aren’t the only factors that determine how well asphalt can function and how long it can last. In a manner of speaking, it all comes down to one question: Is the company who installed the asphalt a “cutting edge” operation?


When you think of “cutting edge,” the first thing that comes to mind is technology and equipment. The best asphalt and concrete pavement specialist are constantly investing in new tools to make their work easier and better — although sometimes older equipment gets the job done better because they’ve gotten very good at using it. For the most part though, the pavers and rollers you see on a job site should be modern and well-maintained. Otherwise you just aren’t going to see the best results.


Selecting and training the right employees is another big piece of the puzzle. You can have all the modern equipment in the world, but it won’t do you any good without people who really how to achieve professional results.


Cutting edge doesn’t just mean having the right people and the right equipment. It also means being able to plan the project perfectly. What happens when planning is rushed or simply botched? You might have to start over, or you might have to live with noticeable defects in your pavement. The best pavers are expert planners.

When it comes to commercial or residential pavement, the entire experience matters — including customer service and communication. Those companies who don’t put a prime on service are simply not modern or cutting edge at all.

How to find a cutting edge pavement company

With so many options in your area, you might be wondering who to call. Making the right choice comes down to the research you’re willing to do. If you have recommendations from friends or family, they’re worth taking into consideration. Review scores and public feedback can also give you a good idea as to whether or not you’ve found the most professional, modernized pavement specialist in your area.