Since we’re right in the middle of summer, it’s time to talk about patios. Homeowners all over New Jersey (and across the country) are spending long summer evenings on their outdoor patios. Grills are being fired up, cold beverages are being tipped back, and people are enjoying the company of family and friends.

If you’re not one of those people, the thought of building a new patio may have crossed your mind once or twice recently. How much more enjoyable would the summer be if your patio situation were improved? What steps would be necessary to realize a quality renovation?

The ins and outs of building a new patio will obviously depend on the specific design you come up with, and the type of materials you choose – but there are a few common elements of patio installation that we can talk about right here.

The brick patio

Quality masonry work makes all the difference when it comes to installing a brick patio. You might have steps and walkways involved – and you’ll definitely need a spacious and reliable brick surface. You’ll also need it to look great. The brick patio is a classic and durable option, with very low maintenance requirements – but you need an experienced mason to deliver a professional results.

The raised patio

Depending on where you’d like your patio to be installed, the grading of the landscape may prevent you from installing the patio directly on the ground. Does this mean you need to think about an outdoor deck? Not exactly. The raised patio involves a specific installation process that will “fix” your gradation problem and leave you with a patio that’s slightly raised and perfectly contoured to your landscape.

The concrete patio

Don’t think that a concrete patio has to be drab or boring. This amazingly strong material can be tinted and textured any number of ways, leaving you with countless options to make it fit with your property. If you go this route, you definitely want the help of a professional who has ample experience working with concrete.

The Flagstone patio

Slate, limestone and sandstone are the most common materials used in flagstone patios – and the result can be incredibly eye-catching. It’s also highly functional. For homeowners looking for a natural look that combines perfectly with the surrounding landscape, flagstone is a great patio choice.

Where should you turn for answers on patio installation?

You might have already given a great deal of thought to your outdoor patio project, and you might be ready to take bids from contractors in your area. On the other hand, you might be in the early phases of considering this project, and you’re only looking for information and advice. Either way, reputable patio installation specialists will usually be eager to communicate about your project, even if you’re not ready to make any moves just yet. Find a reputable contractor with plenty of experience in patio installation, and you’ll be on the right track. Good luck with your patio projects this summer!