Do you have a driveway or commercial parking lot that’s seen it’s better days? Imagine it — cracked, warped, not properly leveled, falling apart. What could possibly be the solution to that? You might consider the company who installed the asphalt, and whether you might still be under warranty. It’s always worth checking this possibility. But chances are, no warranty is going to cover you. Reputable asphalt specialists offer good warranties, but rarely have to service those warranties because the installations are perfectly executed and simply do not need any repairs or interventions, beyond the normal periodic maintenance.

So your solution becomes fairly obvious, if you have a driveway with this kind of damage. You have to contract with a reputable asphalt repair specialist to address the existing problems, and do whatever is possible to prevent problems from recurring in the future.

Filling in cracks and repairing potholes is not always enough. In such cases, your research will reveal terms like “asphalt resurfacing” and “asphalt replacement.” These are good terms to know, as there is an important difference between them.

In simple terms, asphalt replacement means that the contractor will start by “milling” your old asphalt. This means simply breaking it up and destroying it. The decision has been made that it’s better to tear it all up and start fresh, in order to have the greatest success in the long run. This is just as true for a movie theater parking lot as it is for a residential driveway.

Once the old material is torn up and hauled away (asphalt is one of the most recyclable resources on planet earth, and it’s good to know that your old asphalt will go toward new, fresh asphalt instead of being thrown away), the process of installing a brand new driveway or parking lot will commence.

The other option is asphalt resurfacing. If much of the old surface is still in decent shape, it can be carefully prepared and assessed for resurfacing. This will involving cleaning up and repairing the existing asphalt, and will conclude with new asphalt being poured over the entire surface. Naturally, this elevates the surface a few inches — but in many cases, the cost savings and overall logistics make it well worth the trouble.

Which one is best for my home or business?

Frankly, it’s difficult to assess this on your own. If your parking lot for driveway is in very bad shape, you may have a good idea that asphalt replacement is going to be correct choice. On the other hand, if your asphalt surface still have a fair degree of integrity, asphalt resurfacing may give you a great result and save you a bundle of cash.

Consulting a reputable and licensed asphalt milling specialist is a good way to make sure you have a good grip on the subject, and to settle on the best possible solution in your case. Budget and long-term goals will obviously be considerations, and a good contractor will be able to work within these parameters.