America’s parking lots are in a constant state of degeneration and regeneration. That’s just the nature of asphalt pavement. It’s truly a wonderful, diverse, and economically viable material – that’s why federal and state governments use asphalt to pave the vast majority of our highways and roads. Asphalt has a long lifespan, especially when you consider the beating it takes from traffic, heat, cold, humidity, storms, and constant precipitation.

But one thing asphalt cannot do is last forever. The molecular bond that holds it together will grow weaker over time. Installation flaws or unique environmental conditions will eventually turn into structural problems that grow worse over time. Cracks and potholes will grow larger. Professional crews will be called in to perform repairs – that’s why so many aging parking lots are a patchwork of new and old material. It’s expensive to “mill” or remove all the old crumbling material and start fresh. Eventually it will be necessary, but many business owners wait as long as possible for completely re-doing their parking lots.

Another thing many business owners wait as long as possible to do is re-stripe their parking lots. Actually, this is more often the result of oversight or forgetfulness than trying consciously to avoid the task. Even if the asphalt itself is in good shape, it’s easy to forget what a difference the stripes and lines on the parking lot can make – not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of safety.

So the next time you look at your parking lot, ask yourself whether fresh and vivid stripes could make a difference. Chances are, the answer could be yes. Paint is, of course, much weaker than asphalt itself. Time, weather, and the constant presence of traffic in your parking lot will eventually wear down the paint, causing it to chip and fade. We’ve all driven on parking lots where you can hardly tell one parking spot from another, and this can be more than just an annoyance – it can be a safety risk for people walking and driving in the parking lot. It can cause bumps and scratches on vehicles. And it certainly doesn’t make your business look any more professional!

Who should re-stripe your parking lot?

The answer to this question is simple: Only a professional with a proven track record should re-stripe your lot! Parking lot re-striping may seem like a simple and straightforward task – and a true professional will indeed make it look easy. But that ability comes only through years of training and repetition in a wide variety of circumstances. There are countless instances of parking lot re-striping jobs that were carried out by less-than-qualified contractors, and the result was a frustrating and expensive mess. Find a highly reputable asphalt specialist in your area and inquire about their parking lot-restriping services. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and effectively the job gets done, and how much the appearance of your parking lot (and the overall appearance of your business) is improved by this simple yet vital task.