If you’re like most homeowners (or business owners, for that matter), pavement isn’t something you spend a lot of time thinking about. It’s one of those aspects of home improvement that people want to be done with as soon as possible. The most common project is a residential driveway, and the majority of these are paved with asphalt. For many people, it’s a no-brainer. Simply find a reputable pavement specialist in your locality, collect a few bids for a new (or repaired) asphalt driveway, and hire a contractor so you can move on to the next thing. As the old saying goes, it’s not rocket science.

But let’s think a little more deeply about pavement. There are actually numerous pavement projects that can come up around your home or business – driveways, walkways, garden paths, patios, landings, basketball courts, and the list goes on. When you think about these project, does asphalt come to mind? In some cases yes – but concrete is another great choice.

And what about brick pavers? Could this method of pavement be the best bet for your next pavement project? There is certainly a case to be made. Here is why brick pavers are worth serious consideration.

1. They look great

Brick pavers are among the most attractive types of pavement out there – in fact, many people would argue that no other type of pavement can achieve the aesthetic value of brick pavers. Because there are so many styles and configurations, brick pavers can be installed to achieve a huge variety of effects, and can be carefully designed to compliment the home or business.

2. They minimize water damage

Brick is a very porous material; that’s why cobblestone streets are so prevalent in old towns and cities throughout the world. Brick pavers allow very good drainage by allowing more water to seep directly through the bricks into the drainage channels below. And what happens when your driveway or other paved surface does not have proper drainage channels? If it’s asphalt or concrete, standing water can be a serious problem that causes structural damages over time.

3. The price is right

Brick pavers are one of the cheapest forms of pavement out there – and if you think you can’t do your whole driveway with brick pavers, think again. Obviously, the cost of your brick paver project will ride heavily on the type of pavers you choose. There is a wide spectrum of style and quality to choose from, including expensive ornamental bricks and configurations, or more economical materials that can still produce a very nice aesthetic effect.

A noteworthy consideration

The real question is not whether or not brick pavers are a noteworthy consideration for your home or business pavement project. It could be a residential driveway, a business entry, or a that garden path you’ve always dreamed about – in all of these cases, brick pavers are definitely worth thinking about. They come at an accessible price point, they’re surprisingly durable, and they offer a totally unique look. Find a qualified brick paver specialist in your area for more detailed info.