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So what is the difference between industrial and residential paving?

To tell the truth, there isn’t much notable difference except for the scale of the project. Both industrial and residential jobs employ the same techniques, materials, and procedures to repave a surface. Obviously, larger projects cost more and take longer — but apart from that, there are no major differences in how a contractor will approach the job. Regardless of the project size, contractors often begin by cleaning, grading, and preparing the current asphalt to be repaved. 

The next step is for new asphalt to be laid, spread, and rolled using a truck and paving crew. When laying new asphalt, there may be some variation in how thick the pavement should be depending on the scope of the project. There may be some variation in how thick the pavement should be depending on the scope of the project. If pavement is too thick, you are wasting money on material you don’t actually need. If it’s too thin, you are likely to see wear and tear to the surface much sooner than you’d like. 

At the end of the day, the differences between industrial and residential paving are minor, and in both cases, quality and attention to detail are required in order to produce the most durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing final product. When laid well, new pavement can last over 20 years. R&D Paving won’t cut corners, and delivers an impeccable final product no matter how small or large your pavement project may be.

Industrial Paving NJ
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Industrial Paving NJ

Industrial Paving : New Jersey

Working in large industrial areas can be tough and the need for continuing paving can make things more difficult. Due to logistical constraints, you can’t just shut down the work to allow us access. That’s why, when you hire us for industrial paving, we have the tools and the talent to come in and handle the situation We are adept at working to those strict time tables so that our work has minimal impact on the work and business of our clients.

Industrial Parking Lots

Installing a new parking lot will maintain your property value, as well as renewing the look of industrial spaces. You need a well maintained and clearly striped and marked parking lot. This improves the flow of traffic, as well as increase the safety for both drivers and pedestrians. This includes repairing, replacing, or installing curbing.

Industrial Asphalt Repair

Industrial paving often succumbs to sinkholes, potholes, and sunken manholes. Additionally, there may be curbs and speed bumps in need of maintenance. Whether it’s a parking lot or a road, drainage or patching, we can handle your project with quality, speed, and efficiency.

Industrial Seal Coating

Protect your new surface from nasty weather and the effects of heavy traffic and to increase the life of your asphalt.
The benefits include: protection from changing weather, low maintenance costs, restores the black finish, resists chemicals, salt, gasoline, sand, and oil, and sunlight.

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