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R&D Paving will create a smooth parking area that enhances the value of your property. We are a licensed and insured paving company offering comprehensive services. In addition to pouring the new surface, we’ll also help you maintain it with seal coating and repairs.

We offer competitive rates on our driveway paving services, and we finish projects promptly. We have a solid work ethic, and people throughout north Jersey and the surrounding areas have relied on us for high-quality work. Rather than living with a damaged surface or gravel driveway, call today and see what R&D Paving can do for you. 

Professional-quality asphalt services for all of your Residential Paving Projects.

Residential Paving FAQ's

Historically, asphalt has proven to be an excellent paving material. Cost wise, asphalt provides excellent performance equal to other more expensive options.

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product used for driveways, roads, cart/walking paths and any project that requires a smooth surface for foot traffic or motorized vehicles. Asphalt is flexible and gives during the harsh weather conditions experienced in our area. It is easily and inexpensively maintained and is aesthetically pleasing.

Normally, 24-hours is all that is required to use your new asphalt surface. In very warm weather, we recommend staying off the fresh asphalt for 1 – 2 days, as the surface cools and cures.

Yes, it is possible to pave over concrete, but is not recommended. Reflective cracking is likely to occur as a result. Reflective cracking will typically occur along all the construction joints in the concrete or where the concrete has already cracked. This is due to expansion or contraction of the old concrete surface which then causes the asphalt above to crack as the concrete moves.

Under normal conditions asphalt pavement should last about 10 – 20 years. Pavement life can vary greatly depending on climate, base conditions, amount and type of traffic, and pavement maintenance.

Asphalt pavement mixes are typically composed of 5% asphalt cement and 95% aggregates (stone, sand, and gravel). Due to its highly viscous nature, asphalt cement must be heated so it can be mixed with the aggregates at the asphalt mixing facility.

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